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Bush League Sour Kush Milled Flower


Stuck in the dugout? Need a quick hitter to get you back in the game? Back Forty's Bush League milled flower is your no-nonsense flower that's perfect for joints and bowls - always using quality flower, never trim or sticks. Maybe it’s not the big leagues but it's just as entertaining and will give you a better experience for less. Sour Kush is an Indica that's a cross between GMO x Mendo Breath with a dank, peppery herb aroma with a slightly subtler flavour. With potencies of up to 24% and terpene content of up to 2.4% this is one strain that should definitely make its way into your line up of back forty adventure essentials. Take a trip and explore the Back Forty.

Available In








Indica Dominant


170-230 mg/g


0-10 mg/g

Actual cannabinoid and terpene content may vary slightly by batch

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