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Sour Apple 510 Thread Cartridge


You know the saying "an apple doesn't fall far from the tree"? Well, its particularly true in the back forty! Back Forty vapes were the top talked about vapes on Reddit in early 2021 and for good reason! With a delicious terpene profile made up of largely limonene (and also includes linalool and pinene) and 80% THC distillate, with no fillers, is the reason why Back Forty is a better experience for less. Back Forty Sour Apple 1g vape cartridges begins with a fresh burst of sour and upon exhale is fruity, its sure to bring sunny days to your back forty adventure. This strain particularly pairs well with music, board games and relaxing outside

Available In

1g Cartridge

0.45g Cartridge








Indica Dominant


Range 790-820 mg/g


0 mg/g

Actual cannabinoid and terpene content may vary slightly by batch

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